A YouTuber bought the world’s biggest PS5 console for $70K

Image credit: ZHC / YouTube

Some people struggle to make space for all the machine and media units in one place, not to mention– not to mention those struggling to get hold of the new PS5 at all, however, YouTuber ZHC might find it harder than most of us to locate his latest acquisition; a 10-foot tall PS5 console.

ZHC spent over 100 hours building it up with a custom paint job. 

What brings me to If you’ve been looking to customize your console’s color, American company “dbrand” has started selling its stock of PS5 ‘Darkplates’ on sale, but the bad news is that they’re extremely difficult to get hold of.

The Darkplates are expected to ship in May, with the February, March, and April stock already selling out. And despite certain legal issues surrounding the PS5 faceplates and a patent filed by Sony, dbrand reassures that they are “totally legal” as they feature a “familiar-but-legally-distinct spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes”.

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