All The New Features Coming to Google Photos

Google Photos
Image Credit: Google

Google announced this week a whole bunch of new features for Google Photos, which we announced yesterday. Following in the next months, Photos users will be seeing Locked Folders, Cinematic Moments plus, and many changes for the existing Memories feature.

Regarding Locked Folders, users will be allowed to store sensitive photos that they may not want others to see. The folder will be passcode protected and the photos inside that folder will not show up in the user grid or timeline while scrolling in Google Photos.

Image Credit: Google

Cinematic Moments, the evolution of Cinematic Photos, will paste together user’s pics into moving photos using neural networks. It’s actually amazing if we take into consideration the number of pictures people take to just to get the right one. It’s not a poorly stitched-together GIF.

The neural networks synthesize the movement between two nearly identical photos and fill the gaps with new frames, creating vivid and moving images as Cinematic moments.

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