Amazon’s New Hardware is Awesome


Every year Amazon spends a whole morning announcing and introducing its new lines of products in multiple categories. From drones flying around your house, big screens to assist you in controlling your smart home, robots that watch while you sleep, as well a smart thermostat whos is extremely cost-effective.

Ring Security Drone 

For just USD 249 Always Home Cam drone will fly around your residence to ensure everything is safe. It’s a subscription service that we’ll tell me more details about in the future.

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Echo Show 15

The USD 249 Echo Show 15 is a device designed to be a smart home control hub it is capable of viewing Ring video feeds, control lights and appliances and so much more. Amazon states that it’s not really necessary to mount the display, but if you like one and you can it either vertically or horizontally. 

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Amazon Astro

Astro, Amazon’s roaming Alexa-powered device it is designed to protect your residence and assist you to complete some tasks. This robot is not cheap and has a price tag of USD 1449 once the introductory offer price of USD 999 is expired. Astro uses advanced navigation technology to find its path around your residence and go where it is needed. 

It’s an awesome gadget, but not for everyone’s pocket. 

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Halo View, Fitness, and Nutrition

For fitness-focused people, Amazon is releasing the Halo View fitness tracker tagged at USD 79, plus two new membership AI-powered services called Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition. The Halo View comes with an AMOLED display, capable of tracking sleep, oxygen levels in the blood, activity, and deliver selected messages.


Halo View is currently listed as Coming Soon, while Halo Fitness will start rolling out to members in the Halo app later this year, with the personalized fitness metrics coming next year. Amazon also says Halo Nutrition will be available in January 2022. Both Halo Fitness and Nutrition are included as part of the Halo membership.

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Blink Video Doorbell

The new and improved doorbell from Blink, offers 1080p video feeds, infrared night vision, and two-way audio. It can be used as a doorbell in a wired mode or wireless mode. The camera is available for USD 50, up for pre-order right now. Additionally, some new accessories can be purchased such as a Blink Floodlight Camera and Blink Solar Panel Mount. The Blink Floodlight Camera mount starts at USD 39.99 and a Blink Floodlight Camera bundle with Blink Outdoor starting at USD 139.98. The Blink Solar Panel Mount bundled with Blink Outdoor will start at USD 129.98.

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Smart Thermostat

Amazon is releasing a new smart thermostat. Priced at only USD 60, it can be controlled from any smart device, save money thanks to intelligent power usage, and is easy to install. 

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Here’s a video showcasing all of the new products.

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