Android 12 Beta Quick Settings Become Even More Powerful

Image Credit: Google

The Quick Settings area in Android is one of the most powerful areas. We can customize them with a few settings and keep them handy. In the latest Android 12 Beta 2, Google has tweaked things further and added a few sweet new titles to choose from.

The new Quick Settings tiles now can  pull them directly from the wallpaper, there we have access to four settings tiles in the first swipe, then they can expand to eight tiles with a second and then have multiple pages of these to the right when we need them,

With the 2nd swipe and the Quick Settings area fully revealed, with a brightness slider at the top, we should able to notice that a power button has joined at the bottom. This is there in situations where may have turned on Google Assistant with a long-press of the physical power button.

In this Android 12 Beta 2, Google has moved the Home controls area from the power button menu into the  Quick Settings tile. It’s labeled as “Device control” and it’ll bring up the smart home controls with a single tap. There is a new Google Pay tile as well. For privacy, two new tiles to turn off or on camera and microphone access are available.

We like the  Quick Settings area, even if we did get a reduction in tiles/shortcuts in the first swipe down to just four. The home, power, and Google Pay shortcuts recently added became pretty handy. The whole experience feels much more refined now.

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