Android 12 Break records of Installs

Image Credit: Google

Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, Mr. Dave Burke, said this week that the Android 12 beta is the platform’s most downloaded and installed beta ever. 

Though Burke does not provide specific numbers that’s good news for Google. Android 12 has been downloaded more than any other beta “by far” and that’s really something.

While we don’t necessarily know how many times it has been downloaded, what we can attest to is how great the beta is. It has no shortage of little bugs, the overall feel and looks of Android 12 on Pixel devices have us so excited for Google’s upcoming hardware.

Here is a list of some of the improved features:

  • Privacy Dashboard
  • Microphone and Camera indicators and toggles
  • New WiFi UX experience
  • New quick settings tiles and shortcuts 
  • Enhanced Notifications
  • The “Quick Tap” gesture fixed
  • The wallpaper color theme engine fixed
  • Lock screen gets new Google Pay shortcut and screen

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