Apple AirTag: Do they really work?

Image credit: Apple

Who didn’t lose a pair of keys, your wallet, or a toy?

Well thinking about this. Apple introduced AirTags, a tiny device similar to Tile or Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tags that could save its owners lots of time and the stress of losing keys or sleep due to a missing toy.

We tried AirTags for a couple of days, and for the most part, they were extremely effective at keeping track of every item we put a track on.

The price of each AirTag is $29, or we can buy a four-pack at Apple’s website for $99.

The setup is pretty straightforward: once we activate the AirTags, you’ll get a prompt on your iPhone to connect. Then they can be labeled, with options such as keys, backpack, umbrella, any toy or item we choose.

To keep the AirTag attached to our stuff we can slip or throw the AirTag inside. It is powered by a CR2032 battery, commonly used in calculators or car key fobs, lasting for a year. 

Image credit: Apple

Another option will be to buy an AirTag loop, available in plastic or leather, or a keyring if we want something more compact.

airbags are tracked using the iPhone’s Find My app. Next to Devices. The display will show a map and location of where your AirTagged item can be found.

AirTags include a Precision Finding option. Once we reached a certain distance from the item, the Find My app will shift from directions to Find. The device works within the Bluetooth range. 

When finding the item a green display pop up with an arrow and approximate distance away from your tagged item. As we get closer, the iPhone starts buzzing strongly until we are right next to the AirTag. 

It proves useful if we lose something on the sofa or under a rug. The AirTag also lets users play a sound to alert them to its presence. 

The AirTags also have features to prevent unwanted tracking, in the event an AirTag you don’t own ends up in your possession. If happens we get an alert saying an AirTag is traveling with us once we reach a significant location such as your home. 

So far it has been great working for us and I’m having a much easier time finding my car keys.

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