Apple AR headset with 15 cameras


Apple will integrate a total of 15 image sensors in the newest AR headset to be launched in 2022. At the moment, most VR headsets feature between two and five cameras for interacting with its surrounding environment or performing image pass-through operations.

From the 15, eight of the camera modules will be supplied primarily by Largan.

These sensors will be placed all over the headset to facilitate a real  “pass-through” VR experience. The technology allows users to “see-through” the device by feeding exterior images onto the display on the inside of the headset. 

We do not know if this biometric system is similar to the Face ID, capturing facial data, or other forms of facial recognition features and their movement. The final camera module will be installed for environmental detection. The headset will launch sometime next year and will feature a new processor and onboard storage making it portable and capable of working independently from iPhones or Macs.

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