Apple Is Developing An iPad That Can Run Mac Apps

Image Source: Apple

Apple is developing a 15-inch iPad that can run Mac applications. In the latest issue of Power On, Apple’s Mark Gurman the Global Apple/Consumer Tech, TV at Bloomberg reported that Apple engineers and design teams are developing new iPad products with larger screens and the rumor is the display may correspond to a 15 inches design.

The new 15-inch iPad’s competitor won’t be an Android tablet, but a smart large-screen speaker. Market competitors include the Amazon Echo Show 15. Market data shows that in the North American smart speaker market, Apple’s share is only 5%, far behind Amazon’s 69% and Google is 25%.

The display will be the best feature to be offered for this device. However, there are reports that the 15-inch iPad will support running Mac applications. The body of this device will be ticker due to the powerful sound. The thickness of the body will be necessary to accommodate the sound unit. The power interface will be at the rear and it will have the ability for wall hanging.

Over the past years, Apple has been using different design solutions to improve the iPad, now they are considering the use of titanium alloys to make iPad casings. This titanium alloy will replace the current aluminum alloy casings and this new generation iPads may be the first model to adopt this new material. In comparison with stainless steel, titanium alloys are harder and more resistant to scratches.

However, the strength of titanium also makes it difficult to etch. Apple especially developed a special process to give the titanium shell a high-gloss surface treatment to make it more attractive and fingerprint resistant. 

The price is still unknown but we know is not going to be cheap.

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