Apple Resumes In-store Shopping

Image credit: Apple

The Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic caused significant changes in the lives of people and in the activities and schedules of many businesses. Since the preventive quarantine ordered by many governments, around the world many businesses have been working remotely. However, as the effect of the pandemic is fading slowly away, the business environment is returning to normal. Workers are to the office gradually and stores are reopening. This is the current situation with Apple Stores in the U.S.

After months of staggered service and priority delivery, many local Apple Stores are returning to offline mode operations and it will be the first time since the release of the iPhone 12 series that we are having normal store operations. 


From February 12, there are 39 Apple Stores in the United States that provide online services. The stores in Manhattan, Hawaii, and Maine continue to provide in-store service throughout the winter. 

Should the local health status improve and remains stable, we’ll be seeing many local stores to return to normal activities. Apple retail stores are generally in areas where the COVID-19 infection is very low or there is a significant drop in the infection.

It is important to say that Apple regularly evaluates health and safety conditions, and their retail services may change at any time. From the 270 retail stores in the United States Apple has, over 200 are open again.

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