Apple Revenue Will Hit A New Record In 4th Quarter 2021


Apple always launches its new generation iPhones in the fall, so the new iPhones go on sale usually in the fourth quarter of a year. It’s the best time for shopping and people know it, it’s called the holiday quarter. However for Appleis another quarter of the fiscal year. Due to the popularity of Apple products in 2021, their operating revenue will hit a new high.

Financial reports predict that Apple’s revenue in the first quarter of 2022 will reach USD 122.3 billion, which is significantly higher than the USD 111.4 billion from the same period of the previous year, with an increase of more than USD 10 billion.

Apple doesn’t sell iPhones only. But its first-quarter revenue will surpass USD 120 billion hitting new records mostly due to the iPhone sales. Analysts also said the iPhone will outperform and according to their estimated calculations, 83 million shipped units will be shipped.

Analysts also point out that Mac sales will be high as well, but they do not think the same  But she didn’t think the same about the iPad. 


The iPhone 13 appeared on the market with the longest lead time. Back in November 2021, the lead times for the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13, the 13 Pro, and the 13 Pro Max were 5, 5, 23, and 23 days, respectively. But this didn’t cause users to switch to Android. We had a time when the iPhone 13 Pro’s lead time reached 36 days, but it still was in demand.

As we all know no field wasn’t affected by the chip shortage problem and this included the smartphone business and Apple as well. Though the iPhone 13 sales suffered a lot from this problem, The WSJ thinks “that some supply chain problems could be showing the early signs of recovery.” 

This problem will not be solved soon. According to various analysts, it will continue for at least a year. So customers should take this into consideration and act accordingly.

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