Apple to launch clamshell foldable iPhone in the future

A rumor has been circulating lately that Apple is apparently working on a foldable iPhone featuring a clamshell design. It will be relatively affordable but we do not have a launch date yet.

According to the report, it was suggested that Apple may be emulating a Galaxy Z Flip-like design for its upcoming foldable iPhone. This device will also be more affordable than the competing rivals in the same market. 

Let’s make it clear it won’t be similar to a Galaxy Z Fold 2, but, it would be geared towards reducing its overall size when folded allowing it to be more portable as well. Apple will be using a Ceramic Shield glass chemically treated for the device, which will enable it to handle a significant level of tolerance when it is folded or unfolded.

The foldable iPhone will cost less than rival offerings from the competition. It is not scheduled to arrive before 2023. 

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