Best Photo Editing Apps For Mobile


hotography is probably one of the most important discoveries made by the human race. Photo editors have also been around for quite a while and gained much more popularity with the advance of smartphones. 

Here are our top-picked photo editors that are available for both iPhone and Android.



Snapseed is the photo editor owned and developed by Google. Google really understands when it comes to photos. They have a broad user base, more than anyone else in this list, which clearly does pay off in the end for Google.

Snapseed comes with all the essentials for photo editing like cropping, vignettes, straightening, frames, text, and much more. The app offers customizable filters, which is a great addition. It is powered by  Google’s AI, making your photos look amazing. Snapseed is free and available for both iPhone and Android.

Snapseed: Google Play | App Store


Prisma is the app that came in a time when most filters made our photos looked like “drawings” or “paintings”. There is no denying that Prisma did a great job at converting our images into paintings that looked like Picasso came into our homes.

It has a  generous amount of free filters and has its own community in Instagram/Facebook, so your skills won’t go unnoticed. 

Prisma: Google Play | App Store


VSCO is all about the filters. These make your photos look like they were taken with an analog film camera. It includes a vast range of presets i.e.: to emulate classic rolls of film from Kodak, Fujifilm, and others.

VSCO can be used to adjust the exposure, temperature, contrast, or skin tones. There is also a community to share your work.

VSCO: Google Play | App Store


Lightroom for mobile is similar to the PC variant. It has the same set of tools you’d find on your desktop. The projects sync in the cloud, letting a user continue on your PC what you’ve started on the mobile. It’s not free since it’s a professional tool.

Adobe Lightroom: Google Play | App Store


As the name suggests this app is meant for all the food lovers out there. Foodie’s editor is similar to that of Instagram’s. But you have 30 different filters and editing features thought to play with food in mind. 

Foodie: Google Play | App Store


This App is meant for small details. If you are a teenager (or adult) and happen to have pimples, dark spots, bags under the eyes, or teeth that aren’t perfectly white this app will allow you to quickly retouch your photos. One can smooth skin, reduce skin shine, apply eye makeup, whiten teeth, and more.

The free version of the app comes with ads and with a pimple that looks like a watermark. So we recommend going with the pro version. 

Visage: Google Play | App Store

Hope this list of best photo editing apps we hope you found this list helpful. We are open to suggestions, so do tell us what you think of them via comments below.

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