Beware Of Pink Whatsapp Clone


We can find many different modified versions of WhatsApp on the internet. But they are not safe to download since some of these versions can contain malware. Recently, a new version of WhatsApp appeared and it’s making some buzz, it’s called WhatsApp Pink. 

According to the description, WhatsApp Pink will give you an enhanced experience with additional features. But the reality is that this WhatsApp clone app is nasty and malicious.

The messages are being forwarded with a link to download WhatsApp Pink, then it asks for your login information and once you sign up, your personal data is no longer secure. 

The app is a fraud. It looks close to the original WhatsApp but it’s fake and users might think it is real and can fall for it.

If you fall for the trap, we recommend you to follow the steps below:

1) Unlink WhatsApp Web Devices

If you have linked the WhatsApp Pink app with WhatsApp Web Devices, then unlink it as soon as possible.

2) Uninstall the WhatsApp Pink app

Log out before uninstalling, also clear the remaining data of the app from file cleaner.

3) Clear Browser Cache

4) Look for any other malicious app

Check if this app has downloaded malware on your phone. Search on App Management in settings. Make sure to uninstall any app that you do not recognize or remember installing.

If you do these four steps, hopefully, you will be safe. It is recommended to never download applications from forwarded links. Instead, use Google Play Store.

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