Cool Mobile Gadgets Under $50


Here is a list of cool gadgets for you mobile under $50!

Phone Triggers:

Easy To Use, High Sensitive, Physical Button Feedback. Using our mobile game controller, you can move, angle adjust, aim and shoot at the same time with the thumbs and index fingers of the left and right hand.

Bluetooth Gamepad Joystick

Play your favorite controller enabled mobile games with ease. Extend your sessions at home or on the go with a built in Power Bank, detachable gaming clip, and the flexibility to play wired* or wireless. This versatile wireless controller also optimizes your gameplay with the ability to map two additional buttons on the fly to gain a competitive edge. XP5-X Plus is prepared for the wave of triple A gaming now available for your Android phone, tablet, or PC.

10000mAh Power Bank

Two 10000mAh battery packs not only for portable but also around the home. Allowing you charge mobile devices without having to be tethered to a plug socket. 

Cable Protector

Cable protector covers the sensitive area of cable, preventing harmful twists & bends.

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