Facebook Fights Changes To Apple’s Privacy Settings

According to reports, Facebook is about to release a message push function to explain to Apple iOS users how Facebook uses their data to serve them personalized ads. Apple’s iOS 14 is about to release some important privacy settings changes. Some 

Some of these changes will prevent advertising platforms (and Facebook between them) to collect data about Apple users for targeted ads. Facebook released a memo to its investors that Apple’s new adjustments may affect its business.

The news push feature that Facebook has been testing will ask Apple iOS users whether they agree to the platform to collect their data, rather than refuse them to collect data. Analysts predict that only about 20% of users will agree to the platform collecting their data and without that access, it will be extremely difficult to target potential Apple users with personalized ads.

Facebook’s stock price has been falling lately mainly because investors are worried about how much Apple’s privacy changes will significantly affect Facebook’s performance. 

As a counter-strategy, Facebook claims that Apple’s privacy changes will affect the small businesses to place targeted advertising. In the latest blog, Facebook stated…“Apple’s new reminder information shows that it prohibits personalized advertising and privacy; but in fact, we can have both.”

Truthfully Facebook does not have much to do about it since  Apple’s prompt selection stays as the final choice. Apple is directly responsible for the safety of user data on its devices. Facebook is only an app and does not have the authority to get user information if Apple says so. This is another issue both companies have been fighting on and it seems none of them are not going away anytime soon.

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