Four Things I Will Improve On Poco X4

Image Credits: Xiaomi

The POCO X3 NFC is probably one of the best mid-range smartphones we can buy today. There is no information or confirmation yet but since the launch  of the POCO M3 it was said this is their last phone release for 2020, so the logical heir will be the POCO X4, but whenever it launches I want to see it with the following things:

1. A nicer design 

The POCO X3 NFC is one of the brands that make their phones surprisingly unusual. It is a different design with a stranger camera cutout and a huge POCO watermark on the back is hideous. Many people like that POCO uses a different design than other companies. But on the other side, some people compared the  POCO X3 NFC’s camera cutout to a sewer lid cover.

The second flaw I see on POCO X3 NFC is the camera bump. If you are not using a case with camera protection, your camera glass will not be safe and prone to scratches. This could be an issue with people that do not like to use smartphones with a case. After a month of use, the one I had the camera paint was peeling off my phone. The camera bump should be reduced. 

2. A better Selfie Camera

The selfie camera is below average. In daylight, the selfie camera works fine. But in indoor conditions, it is a bad choice for selfie lovers.

3. Telephoto lens

POCO tries to gain its place in a saturated market by giving 4 sensors for the sake of marketing. Most of the people buying POCO are tech enthusiasts. They know what is going on and the features of the camera. 64-megapixel is excellent. And the Ultra-wide? One of the best I’ve used in mid-rangers. But it would have been so much better if they used a telephoto instead of a macro. It will make POCO X4 stand out.

4. Weight

The POCO X3 NFC weighs around 215 grams, it is so heavy and most people complained about this. If you are planning to watch a movie or play a game while holding the device in your hand, well you better be a weightlifter. I’ve dropped a couple of times some of my other phones on my face while lying on the bed, is its heavyweight and I am scared of this phone for that reason, I’m scared I might get injured. 

This was a simple wishlist I would like to see on the POCO X4. The company gives so much less than the other competitors. Doing these small changes might increase the awareness and sales of this brand. 

By the way, POCO means little in Spanish.

What would you like to see on the POCO X4, let us know in the comments section below!

About Poco- Poco was launched as a Xiaomi brand back in 2018, swiftly gaining popularity thanks to its first smartphone – the Poco F1 – which offered top of the line specifications at an affordable price. Poco was separated into an independent brand by the Chinese electronics giant in 2020,

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