Gboard’s Voice Typing is Back and this time it’s Enhanced!

Image Credits: Gboard App

Last November, Google briefly released a new feature in Gboard called “Enhanced voice typing.” The feature brought a Google Assistant-powered voice dictation service that allows you to speak more freely while you are conversating, sending messages by voice, and even clearing entire lines of text without touching a button.

The basic idea is to be able to tap the microphone button in Gboard and then speak more freely.

In the screenshots below, the user is prompted with a “New! Tap the mic to chat hands-free” message within Gboard, then it brings a second pop-up with more info. The second pop-up explains that users can now “Save time typing” using the Assistant, where saying “clear” could delete messages and “send” could send them. 

If you’d like to check if you can install this new feature, you can open a messaging app with Gboard. If you aren’t seeing it, tap on Gboard’s settings button, then “Voice typing,” and then look for the “Enhanced voice typing” toggle (above). If you still aren’t seeing it, make sure you are in the Gboard beta. And if that doesn’t help well, have patience!.

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