Gcam 8.1 for all the Android smartphones (Latest Download)

Image Credits: Google

Last year Google launched the new Pixel 5 with some exciting features and a new Google Camera app. The Pixel devices were always known for their extraordinary camera features with very limited hardware resources. The Google Camera application became very popular among Android users and the developers started granting unofficial support for other devices. Now, the New Google Camera 8.1 also known as Gcam 8.1 from Pixel 5 device is available for all Android smartphones.

Google Camera is also known for its AI features like HDR+ and much more. The new features include Night Sight portrait mode, Cinematic pan, and many more but, Google Camera 8.0 and 8.1 are limited to Pixel devices. To grab the same set of features the users can download Gcam 8.1 Mod APK.

You can download the latest Gcam Mod from the link below. The APK will work flawlessly work on all Android smartphones excluding some Samsung, OnePlus, and Snapdragon-845 based devices. It will perfectly work on devices running Android 10 and Android 11.

[ Hyperlink to Download Urnyx05 Google Camera 8.1 Mod]

Features and Changelog

This update brings a “Storage Saver” mode for all the non-Pixel devices. Other changes are as follows:

  • Added Color T to fix saturation on devices with dull colors
  • Brings all the fixes necessary for the first start
  • Has an option to disable tracking focus
  • Brings OPModes to fix EIS
  • New buttons in the drop-down menu to enable and disable AWB
  • Disabled Sabre on unsupported sensors
  • Option to disable motion photos
  • Option to choose between IMX586, and IMX686 AWB
  • Improved colors on Xiaomi Note 10
  • Option to disable Synthetic Fill Flash
  • Option to disable auto night sight on portrait and photo

Let us know your results with this new and improved Camera App.

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