Google and Lucas Films bring “The Mandalorian” to AR

Image Credits: Google/Lucasfilm

Google has joined forces both with Disney studios and Lucas film in a new venture to bring the new Star Wars saga “ The Mandalorian” to augmented Reality.

At Mountainview headquarters, they’ve announced the launch of a new AR application called “The Mandalorian AR Experience”, where you’ll be able to experience popular segments from the first season of the series in AR  and follow and retrace the Mandalorian’s trace, find The Child, tack the force and much more according to the description of the App at the PlayStore

Inside the app, users will follow the path of Mando, Din Dajarin, and The Child, interact with all characters jointly and individually, and shared with other users and friends.

According to Google, there will be five content drops updates from November 23rd, 2020, and up to October 21 allowing users to refresh their content.

The application takes advantage of the developer platform built by Google for augmented reality, the ARCore.

Users will be allowed to create scenes and merge with their surroundings and as the app “learns” from the user, they’ll be allowed to install additional effects based purely on their actions.

The app also adjusts between ARCore Depth API, allowing the app to enable occlusion. Making the AR scenes integrate naturally with the surroundings seen by the smartphone’s camera.

However, because the app is a showcase for Google’s newest AR technologies, it might not work with the whole range of Android devices, only with those that possess 5G technology.

This does not mean the app will need an active 5G connection to the network but yes to all the technologies included and found in a new generation of 5G smartphones.

Historically Google and Lucas Films have joined forces many times in the past for promotions and marketing campaigns. There weren’t regular advertising campaigns but more of an opportunity for both companies to test and show their services and technologies.

You might remember a 2015 campaign by Google which allowed users to give all their apps a whole Star Wars-themed makeover over Gmail, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, and many others and they also introduced this experience to VR and AR much time over the last years.

You can download The Mandalorian AR Experience for free at the Google Play Store.

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