Google is working on a corrective update to fix the WIFI problem on Pixel 6 it just recognized

Google Pixel 6

Google finally admitted there is a WiFi connectivity issue with the new Pixel 6 devices and they confirmed that they are working on a corrective update, however, this update will take some time to be released. It all started with complaints from users who noted that after last  February’s update, WiFi connectivity disconnected after a few minutes of standby and that the device was unable to connect with the saved WiFi networks and to use WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. It is a real problem that disrupts the whole user experience immensely.

Google recently provided an official clarification on its Reddit page saying that they identified the issue, that this issue only affects a small number of devices and that they realize it is an unsatisfactory experience and that they developed a software fix that will be available with the next Google Pixel Update, which will be next March.

In the meantime, Google suggests contacting the assistance service to evaluate any available options; which in other words means the recent solutions applied such as turning off and on the device and others, are not conclusive. The intervention of Google, therefore, postpones the appointment with the resolution of the problem to the March patch, confirming that the update of the last few days – without a detailed changelog – has not solved the WiFi problem.

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