Google Photos Improves Cinematic Photos With a New Widget

Image Source: Google

Google Photos is one of the best apps to use this time of the year. Not only because we have holidays and the end of the year coming up soon, we often get together with family and friends and take more pictures of our loved ones. Google Photos takes these pics and turns them into fabulous memories to help us relive the experiences and good times. 

This Google will be pushing one new feature and reminding us about some others they’ve recently pushed.

For example, if we remember Cinematic Photos, the automatically created images that look like the moving parts come alive.  Google is improving these with machine learning, by fill-in in parts of the background and giving the virtual camera more freedom to move. 

Here are some other Google Photos tips to remember:

  • The new Google Photos widget for People & Pets.
  • Google Memories to the top carousel in Google Photos.
  • Google Photos has controls to hide photos of people, pets, and periods. 

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