Google Pixel Watch To Hit The Market By The End Of On May


It seems that forever we are informed that Google is making its entrance in the smartwatch” segment. Unfortunately, that never happened. Now, it seems that Google is finally ready, after many tries in development. The most recent rumor indicates that the Google Pixel Watch will be finally released on May 26.

Compared to the previous time now we have an exact date to look at. Back in 2021, we’ve heard many rumors suggesting the device’s launch together with the Google Pixel 6 series. The two devices from the series were launched at the end, but without the smartwatch companion. 

 Google is known for delaying products, the pixel fold is one good example. The Pixel Fold was rumored to come alongside the Pixel 6 Pro, but that didn’t happen. Until now, we still have no date for the release of the Pixel Fold launch. We know that Google is working on it, and the company is also preparing Android for it with Android 12L. However, the product seems to be suffering the same fate as many Google products with lots of delays.

Back to last year, Google has been working with Samsung to improve WearOS. The new version of the wearable operating system is said to be more optimized and functional. The new WearOS also sounds like a good opportunity for Google to finally make its jump in the segment of wearables. 

Taking the May launch date into consideration, Google could be preparing the Pixel Watch to launch together with the rumored Pixel 6a. Let us wait until then.

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