Here are the top 7 apps for Android right now

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Each year Android improves, but apps are still crucial. See below for a list of the top apps available now.

And here it is, the best of the best. These apps for Android are the very pinnacle of an ever-expanding mountain of excellence. These apps have become standard fare on Android, and it is presumed that you have at least tried a few of them if you’re after the good stuff. Numerous fantastic Android apps are available. But there are a select few that really shine brightly. Regardless of one’s intended purpose, practically everyone can benefit from these programs. Without further ado, I present today’s top Android apps.

Most people will already have some experience with these apps. After all, they’re the greatest there are, and naturally, people are drawn to the best. 

These are now the top Android apps:

  1. Google Drive. The monthly fee ranges from $1.99 to $299.99, and the first month is free.

When you join up for Google Drive, an Android cloud storage option, you’ll get 15GB of storage space for free, forever. Obviously, if you find that you need more, you can always go out and get some. The uniqueness of Google Drive lies in the fact that it comes with a whole bunch of useful Android apps. All of the above may be found in the Google suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Calendar, and Keep. It’s so reasonably priced and comprehensive that it’s hard to think of anyone you wouldn’t suggest it to.

Apps like this allow for real-time collaboration, extensive file sharing, and interoperability with Microsoft Office formats. Easy to learn and use, with 15GB of free space for your files, and decent cross-platform support. If you’re looking for alternatives to standard cloud storage and office suites, try these sites.

  1. Google Maps and Waze. Cost nothing; no money required
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When it comes to navigation apps, Google Maps is unrivaled, and it continues to be one of the best Android apps ever made. Its already extensive list of features seems to grow with each update, which happens frequently (nearly weekly). Along with the fundamentals, Google Maps provides access to points of interest, traffic information, directions to locations like rest breaks and petrol stations, and the option to download maps for use when you’re not connected to the internet.

When you include Waze’s unique features, you won’t need any other navigation software. Ever. Since Google also runs Waze, we’ve included both of them in this entry. Both apps are compatible with Android Auto, and their navigation features typically outperform those of built-in navigation systems in vehicles. Obviously, if you require more GPS app alternatives, we provide those as well.

  1. Google’s Search/ Assistant/ Feed. Cost nothing; no money required
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You won’t find a more potent app than this one. It’s also compatible with most Android devices. The app may be downloaded and activated with a single click. You can then ask it whatever question you like. In addition, it responds to a wide range of commands. You may use it to manage your smart home devices, get answers to any issue you might have, and even get help with basic arithmetic. It comes packaged with several other items, including Google Home speakers.

For those who prefer a widget on their home screen to open Google Assistant, there is a second app available. The physical components are costly, but Google Assistant is provided at no cost. You can learn about some alternatives to Amazon Alexa that are also useful personal assistants.

  1. Nova Launcher. The cost is $0 / $4.99.

When we first drafted this, we had no plans to include launchers. Nova Launcher appears to go beyond the scope of conventional launchers. It’s been around for a while, and thanks to regular updates, it’s always been a solid replacement for launchers. It has a ton of customization options for your home screen and app drawer, as well as the ability to save and restore previous home screen layouts. As of now, the acquisition by an analytics firm hasn’t resulted in any detrimental alterations.

In fact, you can even style it to mimic Google’s Pixel Launcher. For an additional fee, you may add motion controls, app badges displaying your unread count, and the ability to swipe icons to open and close apps.  

  1. Textra Value: Free / $4.49
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Textra is the most popular and reliable Android messaging app. It has multiple, customizable themes to choose from. It’s easy to use and offers everything you’d expect from an SMS app. It integrates with Android Auto better than other messaging apps and even includes a built-in lesson. The fact that it is so straightforward is a big selling point for us. We’d recommend it above the majority of OEM SMS apps because it’s superior to them.

Another excellent choice is Google’s Messages app (available on Google Play), which can even transmit your text messages wirelessly to your PC (via web browser). If they don’t work, we have a comprehensive list of other great SMS apps here.

  1. YouTube, and YouTube Music. Value: Free / $12.99+
Bangkok/Thailand – August 06, 2021: People hold smartphones in different brands and various operating systems with logos Youtube, the most popular video portal in the world.

Generally speaking, we don’t advise others to subscribe to streaming services. After all, everyone has their own tastes, and the market is flooded with excellent choices. But we think YouTube and YouTube Music are a great match. YouTube Music offers a vast catalog of songs at a low monthly price, making it competitive with services like Spotify and Apple Music. On the other hand, you can watch videos in the background without interruption and even save them for later viewing without internet access.

That combination is among the greatest deals in streaming media, with the $12.99 per month Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ bundle. Generally speaking, other music streaming services are superior, but ad-free YouTube that doesn’t require sideloading is fantastic.

  1. Zedge. Free, $0.99/month, or $4.99/year.

Zedge is the final, but certainly not least, recommendation. This program provides a plethora of possibilities for personalizing your phone’s most fundamental aspects, including its wallpaper, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones. Zedge not only offers a huge variety of goods but also features seasonal sales that make it simple to dress your phone up for the holidays (like Christmas or Halloween).

You can’t use it with complete confidence. Although it has some of the worst advertising tactics of any mobile app, it does have the occasional issue. Zedge Premium is a brand-new service that aims to deliver high-quality media at an affordable fee. Zedge credits can be earned in a variety of ways, including by watching advertisements or completing surveys. There are plenty of other excellent ringtone and background apps available. Only Zedge, despite its smaller library, consistently excels at both.

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