HTC is working on a metaverse phone right after releasing a blockchain phone

HTC is said to be releasing a ‘metaverse phone’ next month.
It’s unclear what this implies, but we’re betting it’ll feature augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities.
HTC is still launching phones now and then, however, they are more budget-friendly versions of its previous flagships. However, the studio does not appear to be abandoning its blockbuster ambitions just yet.

HTC Asia-Pacific general manager Charles Huang said in a press conference that a “metaverse phone” will be released next month. This most likely refers to a phone having VR and AR capabilities.

The phone will apparently be a high-end model, however, it’s unclear whether this means it’ll be a flagship or simply more expensive than the company’s most recent (budget-level) phones.

HTC’s “metaverse” phone also arrives after Google and Samsung have abandoned their own virtual reality initiatives. In 2019, Google’s Daydream VR platform for smartphones was retired, and Samsung’s Gear VR platform and services were retired in 2020.

We’re not holding our breath for an AR/VR phone if Google and Samsung can’t accomplish it, albeit HTC’s Vive division is one of its few assets these days. The company’s Vive headsets are well-known in the PC world, and it has a lot of VR material available via its website.

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