Huawei To Launch Medical-grade Smartwatches.

Image Source: Huawei

Huawei’s first medical-grade wrist blood pressure testing device has recently passed clinical trials and obtained approval by the National Medical Products Administration Class II medical device registration certificate. 

The device has medical-grade blood pressure testing capabilities and will be released to the market in the next couple of weeks.

Hypertension is the world’s most common cardiovascular disease and is nicknamed the silent killer. It causes damage to the heart, blood vessels, brain and kidneys, and seriously threatens people’s health.

To develop this device, Huawei initiated its own research on hypertension management with well-known and recognized domestic institutions. The goal was to explore innovative active health management of blood pressure from screening to early intervention based on Huawei’s wearable blood pressure measurement equipment and with industry experts.

In addition to the devices that can measure blood pressure, Huawei will release an innovative research app to help users conduct active health management all the time and anywhere.

In the future, users will only need to download the Huawei Innovative Research App after connecting to Huawei wearable devices, then they will be able to join the platform to get different kinds of health studies.

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