Instagram Is Testing Disabling The Likes Counter Under Posts


Instagram started to test a new feature, hiding the number of likes under user posts. Instagram users will be able to disable or enable the display of the number of likes under the posts of other users. Users will also be able to disable this counter for their own records as well. 

It is rumored that Facebook will begin testing a similar functionality too. 

While the feature is designed to reduce user concerns about the popularity of their posts, not everyone agrees that this will be a change for the better. 

People doing business in the social network are deeply concerned about the disabling of like counters. For these users, this is a great indicator if their business is doing things right.

Both sides have a lot of adherents and opponents, so Instagram decided to give the users to choose whether they want to see the like counter or not. The new functionality will initially be available only to a small number of users around the world. You can enable it and select the necessary parameters in the application settings.

As for Facebook, testing of disabling the like counter has not yet begun for their platform. Instagram did not say how long the testing will last; or when the new features will be rolled out to all the social network users. 

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