Learn the Tricks to Obtaining a Secret Telephone No. (and Why You Need One)

When you don’t want to hand out your digits, don’t buy a separate phone. With a burner app, you may generate and reuse a random phone number.

In years past, it was common practice to receive a new phone number if one relocated to a new city. If you’re prepared to pay, you may now maintain your initial cell phone number even if you move to a new continent. There are negative aspects to that. Along with other permanent identifiers such as a Social Security number or driver’s license number, having a cell phone number makes it easier for criminals and the government to keep tabs on you. Especially given how closely linked your cell phone number is to all of your other digital identities.

To avoid this problem, you should only ever give out your personal phone number to close friends and relatives. Several compelling arguments support this. Maybe you’re a frequent user of Facebook Marketplace, host or hostess on Airbnb, are in a field that involves lots of phone calls, are looking for work, or are looking for love over the Internet. Assign a burner number to each of them.

A “burner” phone is a temporary phone that is used just for short periods of time before being discarded. These phones are often prepaid and have no contracts attached to them. In this context, “burning” refers to the act of discarding, as the owner of a prepaid phone may simply add more minutes to the account and continue using the device. Having a burner phone means you can avoid having to permanently remove a person (or stalker, unscrupulous advertiser, or robo-caller) from your primary phone. Therefore, a new phone number is not required. Even if you won’t be switching from your current phone number, the choice is still available.

If you need a second number and are willing to spend less, a prepaid SIM card from a budget provider is your best bet. Having a second phone might come in useful. Several recently released unlocked handsets are compatible with eSIM standards, which allow the SIM card used to identify you to your carrier to be fully integrated and only replaceable through remote software. But, eSIM isn’t a practical choice for a temporary phone number, such as a burner. Changing your phone number requires a SIM card exchange, which is a hassle at best.

You don’t need another phone because your iPhone or Android already has a single number and you can’t use it for two. Luckily, there are still plenty of options for obtaining a second (perhaps temporary) phone number that is compatible with your mobile device (or even on your tablet). They may also be used to transmit and receive picture messages via text message.

You won’t appear as Blocked or Unknown like when you use *67 or #31# before a call. The below services will show a temporary number when you place a call, allowing for calls to be returned until you tell them to stop. All of the burner services include standard amenities like voicemail and call forwarding, making it easy to use the numbers for their intended purpose.

The use of these burner programs and services is not without its downsides. One major drawback is that you can’t usually use them to contact emergency services, like as 911. Several services include such restrictions in their terms of service to protect themselves from law suits. Second, some of these systems’ backers are restricted to a small pool of available phone numbers. Certain firms, according to 2014 research(Opens in a new window), rapidly recycle phone numbers, so you can get calls from people who are attempting to reach someone who used to have your number.

If you can see beyond all that and still require a secondary number, there are services and applications available to you that will protect your anonymity by serving as the one you give out only when you are unsure of the person’s trustworthiness.


  • Try it out for 7 days with 60 SMS and 20 minutes of conversation time.
  • You may get 50 minutes of call time and 100 text messages for $1.99 for a 30-day period on prepaid Burner numbers.
  • Price: $4.99/month or $47.88/year for unlimited texting, calling, and photo sharing.

The most suitable brand name for such a product is Burner. The service only provides temporary access to specific US and Canada-based telephone lines. If you don’t upgrade before your account or trial ends, your number will be deleted. When you sign up for the premium plan, you get up to three phone lines, each of which comes with unlimited talk and text.

Registering a Burner membership over the web is preferable to the mobile applications so that neither Apple nor Google must be involved in the exchange. The Apple Tax is a scam(Opens in a new window) and you should avoid it at all costs. With this service, you can say goodbye to annoying ads and spammers while still sending and receiving pictures.

When placing a call using Burner, your smartphone initiates contact with Burner, which then makes a relay call to the desired destination (so it is indeed eating into your talk plan minutes). Each procedure is well outlined as you progress. The app is protected by a PIN lock(Opens in a new window) and works with the fingerprint or face scanner on your phone.

Payment Plan Options Available from Ad Hoc Labs Starting at $4.99/mo.


  • Demo for 3 days
  • There is a seven-day prepaid plan for $1.99, a monthly plan for $3.99 with unlimited calls and messages, and a pay-as-you-go overseas option for $4.99.
  • In the US, UK, and Canada, you may get a second number for life for only $25.

Hushed (available for iOS and Android) is quite similar to Burner, but it is accessible in more than 40 countries and has a straightforward interface that makes it attractive. Don’t worry about the minutes left on your actual mobile phone plan, Hushed uses VoIP, so calls are done over Wi-Fi (or using your cellular data) (or using your cellular data). Unless you’ve configured call forwarding or call routing (Opens in a new window), your voice minutes will not be consumed. Customers can bundle up to three lines into one low monthly payment. Hushed users may message one other with no cost, and their messages will disappear from both parties’ devices once they have been viewed.

$3.99 Per Month at Hushed


  • Cost-free demo available for 7 days
  • New phone numbers cost $7.99/month or $79.99/year (up to five).

Need a plethora of phone numbers in a variety of different regions. You can obtain up to five with distinct “locations” with Flyp(Opens in a new window) for iOS and Android. All calls, texts, photos, and voicemails to and from any given number are free forever. It’s straightforward but not cheap. Create a whitelist of who may call each number, which is one of the cool additions.

Just $7.99 at Flyp

Google Voice

Google Voice(Opens in a new window) is an app that lets you set up a single phone number that forwards calls to all of your other lines for free. If an urgent call comes in, it can ring all of your numbers at once, allowing you to choose which one to answer. (In the age of one-phone-per-person mobile technology, this is becoming less of a concern, but hey, at least you have a permanent second number that costs nothing.)

The Google Voice app also contains a dialer so you may call or text out—the receiver will see your Google Voice number for caller ID and if they return the call, you’ll receive it at the preset numbers (or get a voicemail with full-text transcription) (or get a voicemail with full-text transcription). It’s totally VoIP, so it may utilize Wi-Fi or your phone data plan, and it works via applications for iOS and Android or even over the web. Your personal Google account doubles as a Google Voice account. Hence, it’s time to obtain a phone number.

You can get Google Voice for free.


Line2is a second line for your phone, with a on becoming a full-fledged, cloud-based business phone solution for small teams. Virtual phone calls and text messages sent and received with Line2 accounts are limitless. To receive up to 99 additional extensions for each phone number, a premium upgrade is required. Line2 is available as a desktop online app, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications.

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