LG Display To Assist Apple With Its New Foldable iPhone


According to industry insiders, LG Display will assist Apple in developing a foldable OLED display panel for the iPhone. However, it is unknown if  LG Display will provide this display panel for Apple and /or if it will be mass-produced.

We know that Samsung Display has been a supplier for  Apple’s OLED folding display for making earlier testing. Therefore, at this stage, it is not clear which Apple will choose as the specific supplier for the foldable iPhone.

Until now, Apple has been using the OLED panels developed by LG Display and Samsung Display for the iPhone, and lately, BOE recently joined the iPhone 12 display supply chain. We can guess by now that the foldable iPhone will use displays from different manufacturers.

iPhone FLIP MAY BE “Affordable”

The foldable iPhone will have a price tag of $1,499 and is cheaper than most of the foldable smartphones currently in the market. But, this price is too good to be true. If we take into consideration that the iPhone 13 will cost around $1500, this price could be a game-changer for Apple.

We don’t know yet when it will arrive at the markets, it is rumored to be the last quarter of 2022, but Apple’s plans can always change. Please note that this description is not from the official image. The real deal may be significantly different for better or for worse

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