List of Top Sleep Improvement Apps

Find out how apps like Sleep Tracker, Blue Light Filter, and Sleep Meditation can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Is it possible to obtain a decent night’s sleep today? Everyone, it seems, has some sort of complaint about their sleep, whether it be about being too fatigued to function during the day or about waking up multiple times during the night. It’s just so hard to get to sleep.

You probably need better sleep just as much as I do if you’re here reading this. However, do sleep-aid applications actually work? True, so long as conditions are favorable. Let’s take a look at the three categories of sleep-improving apps: those that track your sleeping habits, those that filter out blue light, and those that teach you to meditate while you sleep.

The Top Sleep Monitoring Software

You can enhance your sleep with the help of these three applications, which allow you to keep track of your sleep patterns over time.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is not just a top alarm clock software for Android, but also one of the best sleep tracking apps available. Even if you don’t plan on using it as a sleep tracker or alarm clock, we still recommend installing it because of all the other useful features it offers.

This software contains features like lullaby playback to help you unwind before bed and CAPTCHA wake-up verification to ensure you don’t accidentally use the snooze button. Additionally, it includes anti-snoring features and a sleep apnea screening. Integration with smartwatches and wearable devices, as well as Spotify music, are two more important features.

Sleep as Android APK Free Download for Android 

Sleep Cycle

One of the greatest sleep-tracking applications for both Android and iOS is Sleep Cycle. In a nutshell, Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns and seeks to awaken you during the earliest light phase of sleep just before your scheduled wake-up time.

Waking up when you’re in a deep sleep phase might make you feel sleepy all day, while awakening when you’re in a light sleep phase can help you feel more refreshed when you start your day. However, you need not worry about sleeping in too late because it will still wake you up at the appointed hour.

When you upgrade to the paid plan, you can keep tabs on your sleep patterns over time and make notes about how things like caffeine, diet, and stress affect your slumber. Then you can store your sleep logs online and check them against global averages.

Sleep Cycle is available for free on Android and iOS 



What Are the Top Blue-Light-Blocking Mobile Applications?

If you’re having trouble nodding off, these three apps may help you get the most out of your smartphone’s display.


Any Android user would be remiss if they didn’t download Twilight. Simply enter your location or let it figure it out using your GPS data, and the screen color will “warm up” automatically when the sun sets. Before bedtime, it’s best to limit or avoid screen time altogether to reduce the amount of blue light you’re exposed to. Harvard Health reports that exposure to blue light can disturb circadian rhythm, making it difficult to fall asleep and remain asleep.

Learn more about how blue light filters function if you still have doubts. In addition to using the Android app Twilight, you should also download F.lux, which serves a similar purpose on a computer. The first few minutes of using the heated displays will feel strange, but after that, you won’t even notice the difference.

You can get the Android version of Twilight here 

Blue-Light Filter

If you don’t want to fiddle with a lot of settings, you might like Blue Light Filter better than the related Twilight program. Blue Light Filter’s ease of use stems from the program’s minimalist design. This software is exclusive to Android devices. It is recommended that iPhone users go on to the following item.

Blue Light Filter for Android, Available for Download

Best Meditation Programs for Falling Asleep

If you’re having trouble nodding off, try one of these sleep meditation apps.


One of the most recommended applications for relieving stress and unwinding is Calm, which is a guided meditation app. Although it wasn’t designed for this purpose, a mental sweep before bed can do wonders for your quality of rest.

To unwind, just put on one of the numerous available programs and let the computer do the work for you. Calm is more than just a meditation app; it also plays soothing music, guides you through deep breathing exercises, and even reads you “sleep stories” to help you nod off. Though Calm is available without cost to the user, a paid subscription grants access to a plethora of additional features, including guided meditations and bedtime stories.

The Android and iOS versions of Calm may be downloaded here 



Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds, as the name implies, plays a variety of sounds designed to induce sleep. The app’s main screen automatically plays some relaxing sounds for you to enjoy. Not only that, but you can also mix and match different sounds to make your own unique creations. Numerous sonic options are available for no cost within the program. However, a premium edition is required to access further audio controls.

Soundtracks to help you go off to sleep are available for download on Android and iOS 



Improve your rest with the help of your mobile device.

These aforementioned apps all serve their respective purposes well. However, you may require the use of multiple programs to achieve your desired results. Also, these apps will most likely improve along with our understanding of sleep.

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