In a few days, Apple will make an announcement that is “bigger and better” than a new product, according to a journalist who interviewed chief executive Tim Cook.

Gayle King from CBS’s News interviewed Cook this Wednesday morning regarding the ban on Parler, the App used by Trump supporters, but at the end of the meeting, King said the interview was actually to facilitate another announcement, and this came she said.

What’s more mysterious is that the announcement was not for a new product but for something “bigger and better than that”, she told her co-hosts. She did not give any indication of what such an announcement could be. But the circumstances happening these days and around the interview leads to some speculation on what may be announced.

It is rumored that the announcement is related to Covid-19. It could be that the company is preparing to announce that its stores will be used to deliver the vaccine.

This rumor “makes sense” since the interview was conducted virtually but with Ms. King was sitting at an Apple Store, vaccines “are certainly more important than new products”, and the company has offered to help with the pandemic in the past.

Previous efforts from Apple included the development of the Bluetooth contact-tracing technologies that allow phones to be used to track potential coronavirus exposures and the design of special face masks for staff.

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