New update for YouTube video player on android and iOS

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - August 25, 2021 : Internet service Youtube on phone and tv screen. video hosting website. Close up mans hand holding a mobile phone with YouTube TV logo

The YouTube mobile app has been revamped and it’s getting a new video player, where many frequently used buttons have migrated to the player window, making them easier for quick access. These changes improve the user experience when switching to full-screen mode while watching a video.

YouTube mobile app is getting a new video player

Now, users can quickly access comments, rate videos, add them to a playlist or share it. All the buttons necessary for performing these actions are located in the lower-left corner, and the “additional videos” section is now located in the lower right. These options are not new to the YouTube app, before, users had to exit full-screen mode and then find these buttons in portrait or use the swipe up gesture. Now all of them are available in landscape orientation.
The new video player interface has begun rolling out both in iOS and Android devices. Currently, it covers only some regions, but it will be soon available to everyone.

iOS is still testing picture-in-picture mod

Google YouTube today extended the test period of the iPhone’s picture-in-picture feature for another two weeks. YouTube premium users can now use Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS as an “experimental feature” until February 14. This feature allows watching videos while using other apps by tapping the picture-in-picture button with two boxes and an arrow; to move the video to a small floating window on the home screen or in other apps.
Picture-in-picture on iOS is an exclusive service for YouTube power users. YouTube Premium, priced at $11.99 per month in the US, features ad-free videos, the possibility to download videos, play videos when the device’s screen is on the lock screen, and much more. We can’t tell for how long the company will extend the testing period for this feature. However, we will probably know more details in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

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