Nubia Z Smartphone Series Making A Comeback

Image credit: Alleged nubia Z30 render from Weibo

It was August 2019 when the last Nubia Z series smartphone was introduced. The Nubia Z20 was a solid contender, but it never got a successor to carry this legacy. Today we have good news. Ni Fei, the president of mobile devices at ZTE, has confirmed that a new model is on the way.

The top executive revealed that the next generation Nubia Z series will be coming soon. The executive published a post on Weibo (a Chinese Social Network) that includes a poll. The poll asked Nubia fans what upgrades they do expect to see on a new Nubia Z smartphone. From the options, we assume that the poll was a teaser for the upgrades that the new smartphone will carry.

The poll focuses on four distinct topics:

  • Battery Life / Fast-charging
  • Photography
  • Appearance
  • System

Probably the new 2021 smartphone will comply with these topics. The device will probably have a new UI based on Android 11 with extended battery life and fast charging beyond 40W. The device will also improve in the camera department with a 64MP and even 108MP camera. Other aspects that can improve the experience will be a telephoto camera, periscope lens, etc.

ZTE is a pioneer in terms of in-display camera technologies, it won’t surprise us to see the future Nubia Z smartphone playing with this new technology. We also expect this new device to carry 5G connectivity since it’s mandatory for smartphones out of the budget segment nowadays.

The Nubia Z20 was a flagship equipped with the Snapdragon 855+. For that reason, we expect a Nubia Z21 (to follow 2021) or even a Nubia Z30 to be powered with Snapdragon 888.

The price range is not available yet, so we’ll keep you posted.

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