OnePlus 9 Official Release Will Be On March 23


OnePlus announced the release of their next flagship phone, the OnePlus 9 series, on March 23 at 10AM Eastern (7AM Pacific), you’ll be able to watch the unveiling and thirst over their promises.

We can say many details yet, but we know OnePlus made a partnership with Hasselblad, and committed to a 3-year $150 million investment in cameras to fix one of they were inferior against competitors.

The camera system in the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro is called Hasselblad Camera for Mobile and will be powered by a custom Sony IMX789 sensor.  It can shoot 12-bit RAW, has improved HDR video recording, and will capture video at up to 4K 120FPS and 8K 30FPS.

I can’t wait to test those cameras.

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