OnePlus is working on a SmartTag

Image Credit: OnePlus

The use of item tracking tags is becoming popular, several other manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are known to be working on such devices on their plans.  A new patent filed by OnePlus for a device called OnePlusTag makes us guess that the smartphone manufacturer could be planning to join Samsung and Apple is launching a smart item tracking tag.

oneplus tag

The patent listing does not provide many details about the new device. However, we know that it will be similar to those of Apple and Samsung. There is no official statement by OnePlus at this time.

Item tracking devices like Samsung’s SmartTag and Apple’s AirTag deploy innovative technologies to ensure that the tagged device can be located even at great distances when paired with Android or iOS smartphones. The devices can be found using the app (for example, the SmartThingsFinder) to draw from the resources of other compatible devices to provide global location capabilities for any tagged object. 

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly expanding their product offerings to cover an ever-growing line of diverse products. 

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