Oppo N Series Flip Camera Is Making A Coming Back

Over the last three years, we had significant upgrades in the display technology for smartphones. With not so many changes in the OS or the features technology, most smartphone manufacturers concentrate their efforts on offering the best cameras and achieving a true full-screen effect. To this end, we have seen multiple solutions from different manufacturers. We have the notch design, water-drop design, punch-hole camera, magnetic-slide, pop-up camera, under-screen camera technology, flip camera design, and so on. Most recently, we had the on a couple of smartphones. But, all these solutions have their limitations. The Oppo N series is one of the first series to use a flip camera design.

Last week, at the future imaging technology conference Oppo announced the future for under-screen camera technology by effectively handles both the on-screen display and the off-screen proactive imaging effect.

This is not the first time that Oppo tried to eliminate the front camera. Back in 2013, Oppo launched a large screen phone in the Oppo N series, this device (the Oppo N1), had a 5.9-inch large and the biggest highlight of this phone was the camera. This device comes with a flip-type camera. The rear camera flips to the front and acts as a selfie shooter. 

At the time, the Oppo N1 was very popular, especially amongst women. Since it was the rear camera that was acting as the selfie shooter, the selfie output of this device was beyond great. Unfortunately, after the launch of the second-generation Oppo N3 in 2014, the series seems to disappear until now. 

If Oppo reactivates the N series, the price should be around USD 620. 

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