Presumed Pixel 6 Renders Show Google Is Going Wild

Image Credit: FRONT PAGE TECH YouTube Channel

The Google Pixel 6 is not expected to be here at least for a few months, however, the Pixel 6 and “Pixel 6 Pro” has been revealed today.

The leak on a YouTube channel called Front Page Tech and has been approved by Max Weinbach, a known influencer who happens to have a solid track “record” for releasing leaks. 

The images here are extrapolated renders created from pictures of an actual device that has been released probably by an early tester.

According to the leak, Google is to release a Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro, and they will be ditching the XL. Specs are not included in the pictures but they show that the Pixel 6 will arrive with a dual-camera setup, along with this Pixel 6 Pro and its triple camera setup.

Image Credit: FRONT PAGE TECH YouTube Channel

These devices show they could be built with high premium materials, a horizontal camera hump across the backside colored with a mix of oranges and whites and blacks. 

There is not much else to say for now. The source of this info has a known history of releasing leaks for both Apple and Google products (they said the Pixel 5a was canceled, and it hasn’t been), but not a great history with actual product reveals, like this supposed Pixel 5 prototype.

The only thing we truly know about this year from Google is that a Pixel Buds A-series pair of earbuds are coming and so is a Pixel 5a 5G. We think the Pixel 5a 5G looks like this, which is nothing close to these supposed Pixel 6 devices.

We hope this renders to be real, Google needs to step out of the square especially if they are about to release a phone running on their first proprietary chip.

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