PS5 or PS5 Slim?

Image Credit: Sony

A new generation of PlayStation gaming has arrived together with a massive leap in processing power, super-fast SSDs, a DualSense controller on steroids, and the beginnings of an enormous roster of PS5 games to play. 

However, for those with patience and self-control, there is another console worth keeping in mind – the PS5 Slim.

PlayStation always had a slim version, since day 1. There was the slimmed-down ‘PS1’ version of the original PlayStation console, with the PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, and PS4 Slim consoles all following new iterations of the beloved gaming machine.

In every case, the strategy was the same: once the new console hit the market for a few years, Sony offered the same specifications in a more compact form factor, with a small price deduction, with all the benefits of coming into a console generation a bit further into its lifespan.

The PS5 launch is too recent for a PS5 Slim to be announced yet – ‘Slim’ models usually come three years after a new console but there are plenty of reasons to wait until this new edition comes out.

It’s no secret that PS5 consoles are not sold immediately most people will wait until late 2021 anyway for more widespread availability.

As you wait, we must think over the benefits of not getting a PS5 console right away, especially if you wait three years before a PS5 Slim is likely to launch. We’ll start with the most obvious one: the size.

Sizing up

The new PS5’s design has become controversial since the launch. Its sci-fi design, cape-like sides, and resemble a vampire aesthetic; others dismiss it as a bulk that won’t fit into the average media cabinet without cutting the console in half.

The measurement of the PS5 is at 38.8 x 8 x 26c, which is larger than the PS3.

If the intention in the design was to make it eye-catching, they succeed, but for many it simply horrendous. A PS5 Slim could offer a sleeker, more compact shape that, if not as small as the Series S, could still make owning a PS5 less about making a visual statement and more about playing next-gen games.

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