Qualcomm Working on Android-Version of the Switch Gaming Console


Qualcomm wants to get into the gaming niche. The Snapdragon processor maker wants to dive into the portable gaming console market which is currently dominated by Nintendo and its NVIDIA Tegra-powered Switch device. It is a very interesting move to follow.

The device looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch with detachable controller devices for playing on a 6.65″ display. It looks pretty much like a phablet. The gaming device will probably support display-out capabilities to play your games on a TV and /or desktop monitor, just like Nintendo’s Switch.

The software will be an  Android 12 and it is rumored to launch by the first quarter of 2022. The Android 12 build will be preloaded with a customized launcher with direct access to the Epic Games Store, and plenty of free titles right out of the gate.

Pricing has not been confirmed yet but it’s rumored to be about $300, but we do not know if it includes the controllers or not. Qualcomm plans to sell this device directly to consumers where 5G connectivity is present. 

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