Samsung Galaxy A53 Camera Resolution Will Stay The Same As Its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy A53 Camera Resolution Will Stay The Same As Its Predecessor

The Samsung Galaxy A53 main camera may not offer an impressive resolution much to the dismay of mobile photography enthusiasts. Later this month Samsung will unveil the Galaxy A52, but, the device has been subject to multiple leaks that kind of ruined the company’s upcoming reveal.

Earlier this year, the company revealed the Galaxy A52 5G and Samsung is currently following up on taking the wraps off the Galaxy A52s 5G, which has a more powerful processor. Unfortunately, the phone will not be able to deliver superior image quality. The improving camera resolution in the company’s mid-range top phones has reached its top-level stage with the mentioned models.

The main camera of the Galaxy A53 will continue with the same camera resolution as the previous models. This means that Samsung’s next mid-ranger devices will feature the same 64MP camera available on its predecessor. However, this is not surprising, considering that the Galaxy A50 series has a reputation for reprocessing hardware across the entire lineup. 

Ideally, the company would have brought a 108 MP sensor to its mid-range A series of phones. Improvements in the optics department however the  Galaxy A53 will not have them on the cameras. Furthermore, details about telephoto lenses, macro, wide-angle and front cameras are still few and far between.

As far as hardware the Galaxy A53 will be faster than the Galaxy A52s. The device features the powerful Snapdragon 778G SoC from Qualcomm. The upcoming Galaxy A53 smartphone should have a better processor than the A52s. However, more details about the device will surface on the web as we get closer to its official unveiling.

Samsung is known for launching new devices in the Galaxy A5x series in the first quarter of a year. Unless Samsung changes its schedule, the Galaxy S22 series could see the light in early 2022. 

The new A-series smartphones will be launched sometime after the company has launched the Galaxy S22 series. The Galaxy A53 launch will be postponed due to the meddling of the Galaxy A52s, which is currently up for pre-orders.

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