Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro New Hearing Aid Feature

Image Credits: Samsung

A couple of weeks ago Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds Pro, last week they’ve got its first update. And surprisingly got an aid feature in the update.

This feature is handy for people who suffer from hearing loss. The Galaxy Buds Pro also got an individual sound balance setup and an improvised voice wake-up feature. This time Samsung really improved the whole system’s stability and reliability.

The wireless buds bring us a superlative “Active Noise Cancelling”  feature and a much better experience with all Samsung phones. Samsung changed the kidney bean shape to a more traditional oval shape. But most importantly, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the first to offer an IPX7 waterproof rating. 

Other features include Ambient Sound that amplifies the exterior sound in case we want to listen to or talk to another person and a new feature that lowers music volume when you speak.  . Audio hardware includes a 6.5mm tweeter, 11mm woofer, and dual-driver setup for accurate bass and treble.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also comes with 360 Audio with Dolby Head tracking technology. Last, the Galaxy Buds Pro can detect new audio sources and automatically switch to the same.

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