Samsung To Release The New Galaxy Watch 4 and New Wear OS in Barcelona

Galaxy Watch 3 Image Credit: Samsung

Barcelona is hosting their traditional big MWC conference at the end of this month for the first time in more than a year as both a presential and virtual event. Al big companies will be there, but organizers seem to have convinced some, like Samsung, to host a virtual event or two to keep people interested. Samsung is likely to give us the first experience of their upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 device.

It is rumored to be a complete “New Watch Experience.” where Samsung will dive into how they are “reimagining smartwatches” and creating new opportunities for developers and consumers.

The new Wear is built to be customized by watchmakers, so we expect Samsung to show us what their One UI skin looks like when adapted to the new Wear and a watch for the first time.

We don’t necessarily expect Samsung to reveal all of the details about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 at this event, after all, is only virtual, however, rumors suggest that Samsung has a big event for August where they should make their big new wear watches official.

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