Six Apps to Help Your Children Stand Out in Class

If you’re interested in using apps to aid your children with their schoolwork, here are six of the best ones to try.

Report cards are not the only indicator of your children’s achievement. Before learning how to retain information, you should assist them to stand out in class.

As most children learn through digital devices today, here are six incredible applications you can download to teach your children incredible things and accelerate their rate of advancement. Let’s dive in.

1. Prodigy Math

The initial application on the list is Prodigy Math. It is one of the best instruments for introducing mathematical ideas to your youngster through games.

The games contain 100 levels, allowing them to progress to the highest levels. In addition, the game process keeps kids involved while simultaneously facilitating their learning.

You can tailor games to your child’s grade level. Therefore, the degree of questions they receive will match their ability to solve them. Additionally, the app provides hints for difficult questions to make your children feel as though they are succeeding.

If you purchase the premium option, you can also track your children’s development and determine which ideas they struggle to grasp. Eventually, you can supply them with the appropriate instruction and also accelerate their rate of learning. Additionally, the premium package grants access to a virtual math tutor for your children.

2. Spelling Master Game

This application is meant to assist your children to learn to spell. To make learning enjoyable, the application includes seven activities that teach children how to spell various words. This application is suitable for children of all ages and learning levels. 

To view your children’s progress, simply navigate to Stats and view the reports. You can also review the words that your children played on a certain day, which ones they correctly spelled, and which ones they had difficulties learning. This function allows you to assist them and enhance their learning experience.

The games also assist children to learn homophones (words with similar pronunciations but distinct spellings and meanings), such as their and there; purchase and by; write and right; peace and piece, among others.

In addition, games like identifying misspelled words, selecting terms with accurate spellings, and selecting the correct spellings of words from a list of alternatives are offered to help students learn the concepts more quickly.

3. LetterSchool – Phonics and Handwriting for Children

LetterSchool is an excellent application for teaching your children to write. It helps kids master the entire alphabet, phonics, and numbers one through ten. In addition, the app teaches vocabulary connected with the letters your youngster is learning.

Additionally, there are numerous games for your children on this program, making learning enjoyable for them as well.

4. Fairy Tales: Books, Stories, and Games for Children

If your five-year-old enjoys stories but is tired of hearing the same ones every day, this app is for you. Fairy Tales is a reading app for children that includes a narration option. It is primarily intended to teach your children how to read through interactive activities, making reading easier and more enjoyable for them.

It provides a variety of chapter-by-chapter books, including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Snow Queen, and others. You can also download them for offline viewing. It is an excellent feature for keeping your children occupied while traveling.

In addition to teaching your children to read with this application, you can read bedtime stories to them. You can either do it yourself or use professional narrators to make your child’s bedtime routine easier.

However, there is a catch: only one story is offered for free. If you need more, you must purchase a subscription to the app. However, there is no need for concern, as the software is safe for children and they cannot make unintended purchases.

5. Endless Alphabet

This application is for children learning the alphabet. It also aids in the acquisition of new vocabulary. The interactive puzzles make the activity enjoyable for them. In addition, there are talking letters and brief animations that define various words for your children.

Your children can learn up to one hundred new words with Endless Alphabet. If you believe your child is learning from the game, you can purchase the remaining puzzles for a one-time fee and unlock them.

The application is built without a maximum score limit to allow your child to study at his or her own speed and without competition.

Endless Alphabet is available for Android and iOS (free, in-app purchase available)

6. CodeSpark University

If you are a coder or your child is extremely interested in computers, this app is for you! It is intended to teach children ages five to ten how to code for free. codeSpark Academy teaches them computer science principles and basic programming and introduces them to the term STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

This application also educates your children through problem-solving and logical reasoning-based puzzles to help them learn sequencing, loops, advanced sequencing, events, and conditionals. It also introduces them to topics like as boolean logic, automation, variables, and inequalities, as well as stacks and queues.

The program enables your children to create interactive stories with voice bubbles, music, and drawings using their coding skills. Additionally, they can code their own arcade-style games.

As your child advances, the application provides individualized learning suggestions. This software allows you to create up to three child profiles. However, you must purchase a subscription to receive monthly updates. Additionally, it includes a seven-day free trial that you can cancel at any time. You can use it to determine whether or not your child like this software.

Make Education Easier for Your Children

Playing while learning is the most effective method for teaching children. These six applications, which employ a similar amusing manner, can help your youngster grasp ideas in days that would often take them months to learn.

If reading and writing are specific areas you need to work on, several of the applications we’ve reviewed are certain to be beneficial. Alternately, numerous additional applications teach children how to read and write.

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