Smartphones are starting the 200mp camera era

Only a few years back, a 16MP sensor was a prime feature for a smartphone. However, with the rapid evolution of the smartphone industry, we’ve seen a significant increase in the pixels of devices cameras. Now, we have a huge variety of smartphones with a 108MP camera. However, the megapixel increase will not stop at 108MP only. The smartphone market is now getting ready for a smartphone with a 200MP camera. Motorola is rumored to have two high-end flagships which will be official later this year. One is the Motorola Edge 30 Pro while the other is the Motorola Frontier.

The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is the global version of the Motorola Edge X30 and will be official in the European market soon. In addition, the Motorola Frontier will also debut in the second half of the year. However, the difference resides in that this device will come with a 200MP main camera. It will be the first smartphone to come with a 200MP camera. According to leaked reports, the 200MP Motorola new smartphone will use the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor. The unit pixel area is 0.64μm, and it supports ChameleonCell pixel synthesis.
In a dark light environment, this 200MP sensor can synthesize 1.28μm large pixels and generate 50MP proofs, or synthesize 2.56 μm large pixels and generate 12.5MP proofs. In addition to the 200MP camera, this device will also come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus SoC. This chip is based on TSMC’s 4nm process. It will be the most powerful 5G chip in the Android ecosystem, and its performance will surpass in many features that of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.


Not only Motorola is working on this, but there are also some speculations that Xiaomi and Samsung will use a 200MP camera before the end of this year. Omnivision recently released a 200MP camera for smartphones and other mobile devices. Some reports say that the Xiaomi Note 11 will arrive with this sensor. Furthermore, there are also some speculations that the next Samsung Galaxy S23 series will use a 200MP camera. Then, Xiaomi will be introducing the MIX 5 which is speculated to launch later this year and will use a 200MP camera.
Samsung equipped the ISOCELL HP1 with fast and accurate autofocus. This is being possible by using sensors with Double Super PD phase-detection technology. Double Super PD technology contains twice as many autofocus pixels as Super PD. Those pixels have AF micro-lenses that allow you to focus on fast-moving objects faster and capture stunning content.

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