Telegram Adds 8 New Features in Latest Update, Some Exclusively for Android


Telegram just announced today a list of new features that we’ll see both in mobile and desktop apps and web clients. From a new Payments 2.0 experience to new additions to voice chats, we’ll be experiencing better media and new fancy animations on Android.

The highlight of Telegram is this new Payments 2.0 feature, where merchants can accept payments directly in chats on any Telegram app from different payment providers. The basic idea here is that if a vendor is linked within a chat, which you then click through to order food or buy clothing, that you can do it without leaving the app.

Telegram says they will not take commissions and they will not store any payment data through this.

Image credit: Telegram

Also, this update introduces a couple of new features to voice chats. It lets users schedule a voice chat with a countdown to interested parties, allow for voice chat reminders, and a way to view the profiles of users participating in a voice chat.

If you’d like to schedule a voice chat on Android, tap the menu button, then, Start Voice chat > Schedule Voice Chat.

Image credit: Telegram

On the media front, this update includes pinch-to-zoom on photos from the chat, so you don’t first have to tap on an image to view, then zoom. Also, the video player has much better controls for fast-forwarding or rewinding, or jump 10 seconds at a time.

For Android users, Telegram improved the built-in animations when entering or leaving chats and opening the side menu. 

Finally, Telegram is introducing two new web clients today called “Web K” and “Web Z.” Each one is different in some way and both are fully featured but we do not know exactly where.

Telegram said that they uploaded this new update to Google Play, but Google told them they are “currently experiencing longer than usual review times due to adjusted work schedules” so the update is not live yet. 

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