The best Android cleaner apps that effectively clean your device

Examine the top Android phone cleaner applications to remove unnecessary files from your device.

Although Android smartphones are intelligent enough that frequent maintenance isn’t required, it’s still wise to run a digital tune-up every so often.

The challenge is locating phone cleaning applications that live up to their claims. At best, a poor cleanup program wastes storage space; at worst, it may infect your device with malware and bombard you with advertisements. However, not all Android cleaning apps are useless.

Here are some of the finest cleaning applications for Android smartphones and tablets.

Google Files 

The official Android file manager from Google includes simple tools, making it the first Android garbage cleaner that everyone should attempt. To access these options, launch the application and navigate to the Clean tab at the bottom of the screen.

Several areas that the app sees as wasting space are displayed here. This includes Junk files, duplicates, backed-up images, and unused applications. Select an option to view what’s consuming the most space, select the items you wish to delete, then confirm; the program will handle the rest.

While you can manually explore your phone’s storage using the Browse menu, it is more effective to let the app perform these automated tests to eliminate the largest space eaters.

As we’ll see, several of the following applications contain useful cleaning features, but many also have RAM optimizers and other useless features. Google Files is a good solution; it’s one of the finest methods to clean Android with basic, completely free software that isn’t overloaded with extraneous features.

Download  at: 

Droid Optimizer 

With over a million downloads from the Google Play Store, Droid Optimizer is one of the most popular Android cleaning utilities. An introduction screen leads you through permissions and features, making it very user-friendly for beginners.

It provides a “ranking system” designed to encourage you to maintain your equipment in pristine condition. If you don’t mind being shamed into better behaviors by your own smartphone, Droid Optimizer is one of the finest Android cleaning apps for you.

One tap is sufficient to initiate a phone cleansing. Your statistics will be displayed at the top of the screen; free space and RAM will appear next to your “rank” score, where you will earn points for your cleanup operations.

Droid Optimizer allows you to schedule frequent, scheduled cleaning if you prefer to set it and forget it. This automatic cleanup will clear your cache, terminate any background applications, and remove any superfluous files. It also includes a “good night scheduler” to conserve energy by deactivating capabilities such as Wi-Fi when there are no active connections.

Droid Optimizer can also uninstall apps in bulk, which is beneficial if you want to fast clear up space on your Android device.

It is not the most visually appealing application, but it functions. Droid Optimizer should be considered if you’re seeking a competent Android phone cleaner and don’t want to do much of the job yourself.



Android also supports the well-known PC program for reclaiming disk space. Since Avast purchased the service, CCleaner is no longer an indispensable Windows application, as its quality has diminished somewhat. And while the Android app is not flawless, it is superior to several other Android spam-cleaning tools.

Indeed, CCleaner for Android is a multipurpose tool that analyzes and removes errant files occupying valuable storage space. The primary function is the cleaner feature, which may clear app cache data, empty folders, and numerous histories.

It also has an App Manager, which provides a straightforward interface for selecting numerous programs for uninstallation. Finally, the System Info page monitors your phone’s resources (CPU, RAM, device details) so you can see at a glance what’s happening.

No root is required, and it’s free; however, you may upgrade to the Pro version for a few extra features. It may be lacking in features, but it works if all you need is a quick solution to regain storage space on your phone.

Download CCleaner 

All-in-One Toolbox 

Deleting unneeded files from your phone is simply a portion of the maintenance activity. What about monitoring the health of your battery, the temperature of your CPU, and those annoying mobile ads? Appropriately called, the All-In-One Toolbox is designed to perform all tasks.

It may delete empty directories and orphaned files and remove temporary files from your Android smartphone. One swipe is all it takes to evaluate your device, followed by another tap to remove it. Similar procedures apply to other aspects of the application.

Again with two taps, the Boost function clears the system cache and terminates background applications. If you wish, you can change this automatically using the Boost+ function, although doing so requires an in-app purchase. The Battery Saver section is another background task killer (see below for caution), but it also displays your current battery statistics if you’re running short on power.

There is also a mass app deleter, complex file cleaning tools, and Wi-Fi analysis, in case that wasn’t enough. As its name implies, All-In-One Toolbox attempts to do everything. Similar to Droid Optimizer, a ranking system encourages regular use.


SD Maid 

As a digital cleaning for your Android phone, SD Maid asserts that it is “at your service.” It simplifies the experience; launching the application provides you with numerous short actions to “tidy up” your smartphone.

The first, CorpseFinder, hunts for and deletes orphaned files and folders left behind after an application is deleted. SystemCleaner is yet another search-and-delete utility, which, in this case, searches for common files and directories that SD Maid feels can be deleted safely.

If this appeals to you, AppCleaner does the same function for your programs. To utilize this function, you must upgrade to SD Maid Pro. There is also a Databases section for optimizing app databases. In our test, this method cleaned 40MB from Spotify.

There are other programs for storage analysis (which can help you locate and eliminate large files) and mass app removal if you’re planning a more extensive phone clean up.

Download: SD Maid

A Warning on Android Task Killers

Many Android cleanup programs, including CCleaner, offer RAM boosting (also known as memory optimization) and task termination as a function. However, these are unproductive, as they hinder the performance of your smartphone.

Full RAM utilization is not generally a concern on Android. Android keeps its RAM use high on purpose to optimize performance. The Android operating system is intelligent enough to balance open applications for the best performance. Interfering with this process can cause Android to work harder than necessary, thereby slowing down your smartphone, especially if you close background system apps.

The majority of modern Android applications should not have a significant influence on your battery life. If so, Android should notify you of the issue (assuming you have a current version of Android). If you have issues, you may need to investigate ways to extend the battery life of your Android device. You can accomplish this by limiting background activity using Android itself, as opposed to a task killer or an application with task-killing capabilities.

These applications are excellent for eliminating outdated files and clearing cache data, but you should be cautious about granting them access to the programs and services operating on your device. The Android ecosystem has progressed beyond these “all-in-one” optimization solutions. Android manages system resources more efficiently and devices are faster.

Utilize Android Phone Cleansers Cautiously

Regular maintenance isn’t required for the majority of Android users, but it can be beneficial in some circumstances.

Your device will continue to function even if you do not spend time clearing up unnecessary files. Most recent Android devices have ample RAM and device storage to accommodate any installed or saved content. You should not be required to spend time every day deleting the app cache.

Nevertheless, if you find an issue with your Android smartphone, an Android cleaner may be able to help. You can take more action if necessary in the future.

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