The NEW Sony Xperia Pro-I phone has a 1-inch camera sensor and dual aperture

Image Source: Sony

The Pro-I is not the first phone to have a 1-inch camera sensor, however is the first one to copy the 1-inch sensor from the Sony RX100 VII camera into a phone. Sony also added a mechanical dual-aperture with a new 50-millimeter lens, EyeAF support to video, and a new app called Video Pro. The price will be around the USD 1,800 tag.

For camera fans, the past month has been great. released the 13 and 13 Pro, the 6 and 6 Pro. And today is the Sony Xperia Pro-I. 

Sony managed to fit a 1-inch sensor into a device body that is almost the same thickness as an iPhone 13 Pro Max. When you have in a phone a larger sensor, it means a wider dynamic range and improved low-light performance for photos and videos. But it seems that the 1-inch image sensor might not be fully exploited, it will only use 60% of the Xperia Pro-I's 1-inch sensor is used for photos and videos. In other words, it means instead of taking 20-megapixel photos like the Sony RX100 VII, the Xperia Pro-I takes 12-megapixel photos. That's kind of disappointing.

Here is a sample of the pictures taken with the main camera and its 24mm lens or the ultrawide camera with its 16mm lens. 

Image Source: Sony

Sony is not the only company to put a 1-inch sensor into a phone. But the sensor in the Xperia Pro-I has been through seven generations of improvements and updates and combines the finesse of Sony's other phone photographic tools and apps.

Like the Xperia 1 III, the Xperia Pro-I has Sony's Photo Pro and Cinema Pro apps. However this time Sony wanted a better video option for those looking for something more advanced than basic video recording and something not as complicated as using the Cinema Pro app. With the Xperia Pro-I, Sony is launching a new app called Video Pro which is aimed at journalists and vloggers.

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