The New Whatsapp Android Version Will Integrate Photo Editing Tools


Meta decided to enrich WhatsApp with new features and several new features are to come. We posted recently about the upcoming arrival of a function that allows you to listen to your voice messages before sending them. 

WhatsApp has just released a new beta version of its application for Android which reveals new features that will be used for editing images and videos. Two tools were revealed: new brushes and a function to blur images.

The first new feature that strengthens the application’s drawing capabilities. Up until now, WhatsApp offered one brush in its built-in editor. In this new beta version, there are now three: fine, medium, and broad, that’s in addition to the already existent color change option available. Of course, this may seem lame compared to the photo editors available on the smartphone. But it can bring some interesting in-app benefits.

The second novelty is not entirely new, it is the blur option that makes it possible to reduce the visibility of all or a part of photos, and even of a video.

These tools are currently only available to WhatsApp beta users. But they should arrive very soon in the general version. So, keep looking for more details and leaks regarding Whatsapp’s new features.

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