The Top 10 Play-to-Earn Mobile Crypto Games to Play in 2023

One of the most creative uses of blockchain technology is in crypto games. Many P2E games have been produced after Cryptokitties’ 2017 release, which made it feasible for gamers to play to earn.

There are tons of play-to-earn crypto games accessible on iOS and Android, and while some blockchain games have dominated the sector for a while, others are introducing more intriguing prospects for players.

  1. The League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a fun strategy game if you enjoy taking loot from your enemies. You’ll go on an exciting journey in one of the first blockchain-based MMO games, where you’ll construct kingdoms, forge alliances, and fight epic battles for supremacy.

In League of Kingdoms, your actions and the choices you make have real-world consequences. You can earn DST by, among other things, adopting Dragons and staking a claim to land in NFTs. Moreover, the requirement of $LOKA, a utility token utilized in commerce, heightens the game’s realism.

League of Kingdoms is available for download on 



  1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a fantasy trading card game built on the Hive blockchain that transports players to a fantastical realm populated by fantastical creatures, potent spells, and epic battles. There are over a hundred different cards to acquire; after you’ve done so, you may construct decks, enter strategic fights, and face off against people from all over the world.

You can utilize the NFT cards you earn through battles, collect, and trade in the Splinterlands’ NFT markets, all while maintaining full control of the cards. Furthermore, SPS, the game’s native token, serves as a governance token as well. If you want to play Splinterlands, you’ll need to drop ten bucks on a summoner’s spellbook and three thousand gold pieces.

Splinterlands is available for free on



  1. Blast Royale.

In Blast Royale, a thrilling Web3 game, players compete against one another in intense battles to the finish. In order to enter a ranked match, you must have three things equipped. Ammo, health packs, and other goodies are scattered over the map and can be found during the game.

The game’s secondary token, Craft Spice (CS), complements the primary token, BLST, which serves as the game’s governance token. Your performance in matches directly correlates to the amount of trophies and CS tokens you receive.

Blast Royale is available for free on



4. Realm

In Realm, players form alliances with one another to increase their influence and construct a kingdom from the ground up. The medieval-inspired plot revolves around a meeting of powerful world leaders who must work together to restore peace and stability.

The WAX blockchain and the WAX Cloud Wallet (also known as Anchor) are both incorporated into Realm. Gaining experience, unlocking new territories, and collecting resources all award Realm’s tokens, RLM. Also, they can be utilized to hasten the process of upgrading, advancing leaders, and gaining access to new features.

Get Realm on your 



5 Dragonary

There are seven unique dragon kinds in the NFT game Dragonary, each with their own set of skills and duties. Participants take part in three 5-on-5 fighting rounds using their dragons. Your dragon’s rarity will increase when its statistics reach 90, which is an extremely high achievement.

After completing five daily missions in Dragonary, you will get a share of the daily distribution of Coinary Tokens (CYT). The primary currency in the Coinary universe is CYT. Everything in your inventory is 100% yours, and you may sell it on NFT and cryptocurrency exchanges for cash.

Dragonary for 



6 Meta-Apes

A free, play-to-earn Web3 game, Meta Apes is set in a dystopian future when humans have been wiped out and apes rule. Each Meta-Ape can be customized to improve upon its individual set of features and skills. Your primary goal is to become the galactic ruler. Your clan’s success in this space race depends on your ability to cooperate together.

SHELL is the in-game cash, and PEEL is the governance token, in a dual-token architecture. SHELL is used to purchase anything in the game, whereas PEEL tokens can be staked and used to purchase upgrades and other useful items.

Meta Apes is available for free on




Real life amateur sports are great because they bring us together as a community. WAM was designed in this way so that you may compete in both public and private tournaments. You can also use AI-assisted technologies to make your own games and tournaments, which you can then invite your friends to participate in.

Participants must purchase entry into a tournament using WAM Tokens, the platform’s BNB Chain-based utility tokens, in order to take part. These tokens can be bought and sold on exchanges with collectibles. In addition, the WAM entry fee paid by all participants in a tournament can be used to generate a passive revenue stream for app users. is available for free on



8 Crazy Defense Heroes

If tower defense games are your thing, you’ll love this exciting card collectable game in which you’ll need to come up with a strategy to protect and expand your kingdom. Prepare to defend yourself from waves of creatures utilizing fortifications and your unique skills. As you play, you’ll earn cards that give you more control over your defenses.

Token (TOWER) is the core utility token in CDH. It is used to buy NFTs from the Crazy Kings series and entry cards to tournaments, and it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, it serves as the voting token required by the system’s governance.

Crazy Defense Heroes, available for free on 



9 FTribe Fighters

Tribe Fighters is a free-to-play, player-to-player (P2P), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that features augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset support. Gamers engage in fights throughout a number of planets, testing their combat prowess, cooperation, and will to live. You can compete singly, in pairs, or as a team.

You can’t play the game unless you buy at least one NFT from their marketplace. The strength of your NFT and your position on the leaderboard determine how many FMC tokens you receive after each match you play in. These tokens can be exchanged for US dollars through credit card.



10 Galaxy Fight Club

You may utilize your NFT avatars in GFC, a cross-platform PvP MOBA, to compete with other players for prizes and content unlocks. One may compare it to a game in which BAYC Apes would face off against a friend’s Cryptopunks. It consists of a series of three-on-three duels, each of which lasts for around five minutes; the winning side is the one that accumulates 20 kills first.

The GCOIN utility token is used for a variety of purposes in Galaxy Fight Club, including purchasing in-game items like treasure boxes, forging weapons, and training fighters. Genesis Galaxy Fighters is the only company to produce them, and you can buy and hold them on secondary markets.

Get your copy of Galaxy Fight Club 



Which Player-to-Player Game Do You Play?

Each of these games has unique features and ways for players to earn cash. Thus, whether you’re a player or interested in blockchain technology, you should check out these P2E games.

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