Top 8 Android email clients for staying on top of your inbox

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There is no denying the widespread use of email as a means of communication. Use reliable Android email software to ensure that yours is done properly.

Online communication via email has been around for quite some time and is still quite useful today. Many of us rely on this service daily. Many different email providers and email client apps are available. Some people might just have one email service, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. The best experience can be had with each of their separate apps. The vast majority of individuals, however, use various email providers and could benefit from a centralized inbox. Here are the top Android email apps to try if you’re bored with your current setup. Some of the top email applications, including Inbox by Gmail and Astro, went up in smoke in the latter half of the decade. However, since the software requires a new email account and is somewhat pricey, it is difficult to include it in the list, even though it is both interesting and entertaining. But if you’re looking for alternatives, it has some useful functions, so give it a shot.

The Top Android Email Clients

  1. Blue Mail 

Price Free

Many people use Blue Mail because it is a reliable email client. It works with a wide range of email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, and pretty much any POP3, IMAP, or Exchange client. The app supports multiple email accounts and provides a wide range of notification options, as well as other features including Android Wear compatibility, customizable menus, and a dark look. If you’re interested, it also contains some advanced options. It’s effective, and best of all, it’s free. Since Blue Mail uses its own servers, there may be a breach of privacy, but most users won’t mind.

  1. Cleanfox

Price: Free

Cleanfox is not an email client, but it is a helpful program for those that use email regularly. To put it simply, it facilitates the process of unsubscribing from the numerous unwanted services to which you may have accidentally subscribed. If you give the app access to all of your email accounts, it will quickly locate all of your desired subscriptions. If you decide you no longer wish to receive these, it will remove your subscription. In addition to helping you manage your subscriptions, it may also remove obsolete emails. The program is free, and it’s really not that complicated to use. There are indeed some issues with Cleanfox, but the program nevertheless generally does its job and is generally well-received by users.

  1. Gmail

Price: Free 

Gmail isn’t the most reliable option when it comes to electronic mail clients. It is standard on Android phones and tablets. Therefore, it’s likely that you have it already. The program allows you to set up several accounts and mailboxes. Not only does it work with Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook, but also most other popular email clients. As an added bonus, it has support for Material Design and a unified inbox. Before Inbox by Google was discontinued, the team also made several enhancements to that client. For the vast majority of people, this is the best choice.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Price: Free 

As email programs go, Microsoft Outlook is really good. In case you want it, you may switch to a dark theme and the interface is otherwise straightforward. In addition, it works with a wide variety of email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, and more. Focused Inbox, a way to filter out spam, and an integrated calendar are two of Outlook’s unique features. The expected compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite is also present. There are a lot of complicated email programs out there, but this one is straightforward and free.

  1. Nine

Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99

If you’re worried about security and use Outlook, Nine is one of the best email programs available. Zero server/cloud support is included. The app merely acts as a portal to many email providers. Furthermore, it supports Exchange ActiveSync, which is a prerequisite for any program claiming compatibility with Exchange. You can tailor the sync experience by choosing which folders to sync, and additional features like compatibility with Wear OS are also available. In comparison to other email clients, it’s somewhat pricey, and it has a few minor issues. However, it is unquestionably designed with business people in mind.

  1. ProtonMail

Price: Free 

If you care about your privacy when sending emails, ProtonMail is the best option. Complete email encryption is a feature of this program. To put it another way, only the intended recipient and you will be able to access your emails. The program also has standard functionality like labeling and categorization tools, as well as support for OpenPGP and self-destructing emails (where available). In this case, messages are saved on a server. But even ProtonMail can’t read them because they’re stored on an encrypted server. If you’re concerned about security and don’t want to set up your own server, a ProtonMail account is your best bet.

  1. Spark email

Price: Free

Spark Email is the up-and-coming service in the world of email. Early in 2019, it was released to widespread acclaim. It features many of the essentials that you’d expect, such as the ability to undo sent messages, sends emails later, set reminders, pin important messages, and more. You can also access all of your email addresses at once in a unified inbox, and the interface is straightforward. Around here, we can’t say enough good things about shared inboxes. The Smart Inbox, a fundamental feature of this app, is lauded for its ability to eliminate irrelevant messages and leave only those of relevance. Spark is a great email client that supports most email addresses, and this is a nice bonus.

  1. Temp email

Price: Free

The concept behind Temp Mail’s email software is very cool. Users can generate one-time-use-only email addresses that can be discarded after a single or limited use. You can use one to join up for a service that will undoubtedly bombard you with spam emails or simply receive files from another individual. Registration is unnecessary and your email address will be deleted after use. It also allows you to create unique email addresses with support for numerous languages and QR codes. This is a fair link between spam and privacy in the modern world.

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