Top Free Calling Apps for Unlimited International Calls

For free calls to the United States and Canada from abroad, check out one of these top free applications that provides a US phone number.

Each of these programs gives you a US phone number that you can use to make and receive calls and texts as if you were actually in the United States. The apps won’t eat into your allotted phone time or cost you any extra money.

These are the top free Android and iOS call applications to use.

  1.  Talkatone

One of the most well-known free US calling apps, Talkatone has been around for a while. Changes throughout the years have resulted in the current service’s ability to make free calls and texts to anyone in the United States and Canada. Credits can be purchased to make international calls at varying rates.

Features like personalized voicemail greetings, passcode lockout (so no one else may use the app), and call blocking are all included.

In comparison to some of the subscription models on our list, Talkatone’s one-time purchase to remove banner adverts is quite cheap. It has an intuitive, up-to-date user interface that is simple to use.

If you want to make a free call to the United States or Canada but aren’t sure what alternatives you have, this software can help you get started.

Get the Talkatone app for Android at: 

For iOS (Free, in-app purchases available) at: 

  1. TextNow number

TextNow’s free calling features are similar to those of other popular apps, including the ability to make domestic and international calls without cost. The app’s user interface is sleek and modern, making it simple to pick up and use right away.

When compared to the other apps on this list, the ability to sync your SMS with your computer is a major plus.

To keep your number and use services like voicemail and call forwarding, TextNow previously required a monthly subscription fee. That’s not the case now, though. It’s an app that provides a free phone number you can use to make unlimited calls anywhere in the US. If you’re ready to pay, the adverts can be hidden from your view.

Around 230 countries are supported by TextNow for international calling, and you can buy minutes to use them at a reasonable fee.

Get the TextNow app for Android at:  

iOS (Free, in-app purchases available) at: 

  1. Text Me

The free phone number apps. It gives you a free phone number you can use to make and receive calls and texts, and each one has an Android app that’s also free.

You’ll be assigned a unique number after you sign up for FreeTone after downloading it. You can then use the same phone number to sign in when you download TextMe Up. TextMe, the company that produces all of these, is responsible for making them. We can’t figure out why it developed not one but three apps.

You can get great use out of any of the available apps. While domestic and Canadian calls and messages are free, international calling credits can be purchased. You can also use the device’s built-in QR code scanner to sign in to the online messenger.

Get the Text Me app for Android at: 

iOS (Free, in-app purchases available) at: 

  1. TextPlus a Reliable International Calling Up

While outgoing calls on textPlus are not free, receiving them always is (other than app-to-app calls). Calls made from the US to other countries cost about $0.002 per minute, but you can view movies to earn free minutes.

The UI is divided into various tabs that provide access to your text messages, phone calls, contacts, and settings, as well as your account balance and credit progress. Altering your phone’s settings allows you to swap in a new number with any US area code.

Although textPlus has cheaper calling rates to a certain nation you need to contact regularly, we don’t see many reasons to choose it over the other options, especially because it doesn’t offer free outbound calls to the US and Canada.

Use the links below to get textPlus for your phone (Free, in-app purchases available)

Get the TextPlus app for Android at: 

iOS at: 

  1. Dingtone 

It’s unfortunate that Dingtone has had an out-of-date aesthetic for so long. The app’s interface is so poorly designed that users are being discouraged from using it despite its unique capabilities. Such issues have been fixed, thankfully, thanks to the makeover. As of late, it’s been updated with a modern, user-friendly Material Design interface.

So, how about those special qualities? Callback is one of our favorite features of Dingtone since it allows you to save money by avoiding costly long-distance calls. More phone numbers can be added to the app and used on different gadgets. Different devices, such as a phone, tablet, etc., might each have their own unique number.

The standard options of voicemail, call forwarding, and call blocking are all there for your use. You can get free credits to use toward calling landlines and mobile phones in over 200 countries simply by watching videos.

Dingtone’s credit-based pricing system makes it difficult to determine how much it will cost to make a call. The risk of going into debt because of this is high.

Last but not least, Dingtone offers you a number in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Belgium, or the Netherlands, whilst the other applications only offer US numbers. Hence, it’s a great option for anyone living outside the United States.

Get the Dingtone app for Android at: 

iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)at:

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